Improving the process for quality exchanges

eMPX is focused on better Master Pilot exchanges – it is a full solution that looks at the entire MPX process, being made to enhance and improve the exchange between the Master and the Pilot. eMPX does this by focusing on creating better shared mental models, with what we call ‘exchange-first’ process and intelligent ‘exchange-centred’ technologies.


Using the dedicated pilot-designed eMPX user interface, the pilot prepares knowing that this will create the optimal foundations for a better shared mental model and one that will progressively strengthen over its use.


With the eMPX prepared it can be easily shared with the master via email, containing a web-link and/or pdf-attachment. You can also include other information for the master to be better prepared in advance.

Review and Update

Pilotage time changed? With your prior planning already done, simply review the pilotage plan at any time and change or update the details manually or through the system integrations. No need to start all-over again.


Using your mobile device (any OS), the Pilot takes the Master through the updated plan. Focusing on critical factors, possible changes and verification and confirmation of a shared understanding of the plan.


With the pilotage complete, you can make notes and archive the pilotage. It is then stored safely in the cloud for later reference, should this be required. Done fully automatically, you’ll never lose a paper MPX plan again!

Start your journey to better Master-Pilot exchanges with eMPX

With tools to make every part of your eMPX process more professional and a support team excited to help you, getting started with eMPX has never been easier.