A solution designed for the industry, by the industry

The eMPX software has been developed with a focus on improving the outcome of the MPX process. Its features make the process easy, seamless and flexible: from the initial plan, through to sharing and review, and ultimately the exchange and archive.

eMPX features are built on knowledge and experience from active pilots, port services and various actors in the pilotage sector, meaning: this solution is for industry, by industry. This ensures it provides a real solution that works well, supporting you and the exchange as a whole. With ongoing development and improvement programmes the professional eMPX software will keep you at the forefront of the industry.

Use a solution focused on seamless integration

Not only does the eMPX technology make it easy to integrate into your port’s systems, the eMPX app is as simple to operate and maintain as an app on your phone or tablet. It was designed from the ground up to deliver seamless integration and flexible configuration options for your preferences and processes. Make changes yourself through the dedicated user interface without the need for development knowledge or customisation.

The easy on-boarding process is supported by our dedicated Customer Success Representative. As a subscriber you’ll become part of our development community helping drive the roadmap of new features. Upgrades and enhancements are all part of the deal, so you don’t need to worry about re-installing software or on-going development costs.

A solution focused on exceeding standards

eMPX is about raising the standard for pilotage planning and execution: before, during and after the pilotage. It is an end-to-end solution looking at the bigger picture. It facilitates accurate and dynamic information sharing between the pilot and master. Preparing the plan electronically and sharing the pilotage plan before boarding the vessel enables compliance with industry guidelines.

The precious time available for the exchange can then be used to focus on verification and confirmation, strengthening the shared understanding of the plan. The option of a printed version of the plan remains available if required, with a cloud-based archive retaining an indisputable record.

Start your journey to better Master-Pilot exchanges with eMPX

With tools to make every part of your eMPX process more professional and a support team excited to help you, getting started with eMPX has never been easier.