It’s time to upgrade your Master-Pilot exchange.

eMPX is the new professional standard for Master-Pilot exchange developed by the Ports of Auckland and tested across New Zealand.

The eMPX software focuses on facilitating and enhancing the end-to-end MPX process for both the pilot and master.

Designed with proven technology, it takes an expanded view of the exchange process enabling process improvements which were not possible before.

eMPX provides pilots with a toolkit to plan, share, review, update and manage exchanges, meeting and supporting not only port industry operational procedures but also increasing regulatory demands.

Backed by years of hands-on experience with eMPX software, industry-wide involvement and feedback from pilots the eMPX is your professional Master-Pilot exchange application of choice.

eMPX features are built on knowledge and experience from active pilots, port services and various actors in the pilotage sector, meaning this solution is for industry, by industry.

Start your journey to better Master-Pilot exchanges with eMPX

With tools to make every part of your eMPX process more professional and a support team excited to help you, getting started with eMPX has never been easier.